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Kawasaki KLX110 Bump Stop by Billetware

HAVE YOU BEEN HERE YET??? Heat of battle, bumping elbows banging bars, scraping plastic, explode though a berm, find yourself down, face first sampling soil. Acting on instincts alone in a full frenzy, bounce up remount whip out the kick start only to find (with or without a clutch) your motor will only start when in neutral. THAT SUCKS UNTIL NOW THE ORIGINAL BUMPSTART FROM BILLETWARE IS THE QUICK FIX FOR THIS VERY PROBLEM The “BUMPSTART” made by Billetware is a unique easy install conversion kit that replaces the stock safety device that limits your motor to firing when only the neutral position. Thus allowing you to bumpstart your bike in any gear. And with an approximate curb weight of 145 lbs. Bump starting just might be your quickest option. It’s a must have for any racer.

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Kawasaki KLX110 Bump Stop by Billetware.

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