Kawasaki KLX110 55mm Stroker Crank Kit by Trail Bikes 2003-2009

55mm Stroker Crank (150cc w/ 59mm piston) (155cc w/ 60mm) (172cc w/ 63mm)

New 55mm Stroker crankshaft! Increase your displacement, torque, and power by replacing your stock crankshaft with this one. No modifications are needed and works with the stock bore/head and all 134cc, 138cc, 143cc, 160cc and 165cc bore/race head kits.

***** IN STOCK *****

*** Comes with Cam Chain & Cam Sprocket ***

NOTE: Trail bikes does not offer any installation instructions with there products.

TBW9182$208.99Bike:  TBW700 Crankshaft:  TBW645 Cam Sprocket:  TBW1125 Cam Chain:  WILL NOT FIT THE 2002: 

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