Honda CRF110 Trail Bikes 132cc Bore Up Kit (2013-2022)

TB 132cc Big Bore Kit – CRF110 13 & Up Models

This TB CRF110 132cc big bore kit is a great performance upgrade for all year models of the popular Honda CRF110. With the larger bore, this bolt-on upgrade kit will give you more power and higher compression for a very reasonable price. This is an ideal option if you’re looking to add some power or you just need a new cylinder, piston, and rings to rebuild your engine.

Key features:

Fits all Honda CRF110 year models

Largest bore you can go without boring the cases

More power and fun at an affordable price

Easy bolt-on kit

The cylinder includes a temperature sensor port for the 2019 and up fuel injected models

Runs on pump 91+ octane fuel

Kit includes:

55mm Aluminum Cylinder with Steel Sleeve and temperature sensor port 55mm Lightweight higher compression Piston & Rings

55mm Top End Gasket Set

Bolt/washer to close off the temperature sensor port (for 2018 and older models)

***** IMPORTANT NOTE ***** : For the 2019 and up fuel injected models, the ECU will require a flash/tune to prevent a lean condition and possible damage to your engine.


TBW9138$199.99Bike - PLEASE CHOOSE:  TBW0891:  TBW0892:  TBW0893:  IMPORTANT NOTE: 

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